Chloe Watts

Visual Communicator, Illustrator & DesignerAboutCV


Chloe Watts (b.1999) is a visual artist whose work is greatly influenced by her lived experience of mental illness. Through different mediums and methods of communication, she explores often difficult emotions by facing her mental health head on, and using her practice as a methodology for processing. Her work has become well known for voicing some lesser spoken about experiences and educating its audience of the realities of living life with a mental illness. Chloe has a prolific making practice and is known amongst her peers for constantly making- something she says has benefitted her well-being greatly. Chloe has a keen eye for design and likes to explore different processes, having recently taken up working with glass alongside her university studies.

Previous clients include: Gap, Lucy & Yak, UN, Unicef, Nandos, IKEA, Moonpig, Pecha Kucha, Manchester Metropolitan University and The Horsfall.

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